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Meet Coach Lori!

Coach Lori

Coach Lori began coaching in 2001 after a lot of deep soul searching and hearing stories from so many people feeling that they could not live their dream lives. Being a very determined person herself, Coach Lori believes we can all have what we desire. Wanting a career that was fulfilling to her purpose, she looked closely at the things that mattered and were enjoyable to her. Making a difference in people's lives, honored that purpose.

Having a coach on your side while you go through some of the happiest or most challenging times helps you really feel and live your life at a much deeper level.

Coach Lori is a certified Co-Active coach through the Coaches Training Institute, San Rafael, CA, and a graduate of their Co-Active Leadership program. Additionally, she has done some training in the areas of relationship coaching as well as health and wellness coaching.

CPCC Certificate

What people say about Coach Lori?

“I began working with Coach Lori as part of an experiment, not fully convinced that this kind of exercise would be very helpful to me. What I experienced, however, was nothing short of transformational. I learned a few things – a few very important things – about myself that became the foundation for a major and wonderful life change. I am now convinced that everyone could use a coach like Lori, even those like me who are already successful in many life areas and think they already know everything they need to know. It’s a great investment in your life and future happiness.”

— S. A. – Northville, MI Client 1

“I worked with Coach Lori for a period of 3 months. I was in transition from a Fortune 500 executive position – I left corporate life after 20 years – to starting my own business. It was a stressful and uncertain time. Coach Lori got me thinking the very first time we met. She struck a chord deep inside of me and got me to dig for and find answers that I didn’t even know I had. She, in true coaching fashion, was right there helping me to help myself. Not only did I find my way back on track, but I know how to get back on course when I stray.”

— C.Z. – Rochester, MI Client 2

“My work with Lori has helped me to step into my power and to become my highest self. Through her patient and compassionate coaching, I learned to have faith in myself to always make the right choice. When searching for one's passion in life, it is best to seek guidance from someone who is clearly passionate about what they do. Lori is an inspiring guide along life's journey.”

— A.C. – New York, NY Client 3